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07/07/2024Royal Wootton Bassett SEOUL Regional UrbanResultsRouteGadget
14/04/2024Shrivenham Defence AcademyResults
Amazing Mazers
16/03/2024Marlborough UrbanResultsRouteGadget
25/02/2024Shaw Forest Park - Day EventResults
24/02/2024Shaw Forest Park - Night ScoreResults
03/02/2024Copse WoodResultsRouteGadget
14/01/2024West WoodsResultsRouteGadget
02/12/2023Eaton WoodsResultsRouteGadget
26/10/2023Hens WoodResults
08/10/2023Cherhill DownResults
02/07/2023Dauntsey School 4 -colourResults
11/06/2023Devizes UrbanResultsCourse 1,2&3
Course 4&5
Course 6&7
04/02/2023Shrivenham 4 ColourResultsRouteGadget
05/02/2023Copse Wood 4 ColourResultsRouteGadget
08/01/2023Westernbirt Arboretum & Silk WoodResultsRouteGadget
11/12/2022Badbury Hill 4 Colour Results
10/12/2022Badbury Hill WNL ScoreResults
13/11/2022Cherhill DownResults
02/10/2022Hens WoodResults RouteGadget
10/07/2022Calne UrbanResults
12/06/2022Coate Water RelayResults
05/03/2022Haydon WickResults Splits RouteGadget
06/02/2022Copse WoodResults SplitsRouteGadget
16/01/2022West WoodsResults Splits String RouteGadget
21/11/2021CherhillResults (pdf)RouteGadget
17/10/21Hens WoodResults (xls),Results (pdf)
12/09/21Pewsey DownResults (xls)
15/08/21Lydiard Park Relay & Individual courses Relay Results (pdf)Individual Results (pdf)
17/07/21Highworth UrbanResults (pdf)
19/06/21Badbury Score EventResults (pdf)
25/04/21Shaw Forest 4 -colourResults (pdf)
18/10/20Hens Wood ScoreResults (pdf)
13/09/20Cherhill ScoreResults (pdf)
Results (excel)
29/06/20Wroughton SOLOResults
12/01/20West Woods SWOAEvent ResultsRouteGadget
14/12/19KIngshill UrbanEvent Results
Final League Results
Final Comments
24/11/19Cherhill YOGBResults
09/11/19Badbury Hill Western Night LeagueResults Spreadsheet
19/10/19Hens wood YOGBResults
22/09/19Swindon Urban Swindon Urban Results pdf

full results
22/08/19Urban Series Haydon WickResults
League to Date
06/08/19Urban Series Swindon Old TownResults
11/06/19Urban Series CalneResults
09/06/19SWOA Relay
Badbury Camp

Individual Courses (pdf)
21/05/19Urban Series FreshbrookResults(pdf)

30/04/19Urban Series HighworthResults(pdf)
13/04/19Urban Series WroughtonResults(pdf)
07/04/19Savernake GallopenResults
Yvette Baker Trophy Results

03/03/19Cherhill 4 ColourResults(pdf)
Western Night League
24/02/19Street Orienteering - Richard Jefferies MuseumResults(pdf)
26/01/19Beat the Street - HaydonResults(pdf)
19/01/19Beat the Street - LawnResults(pdf)
06/01/19Fyfield Down 4 ColourResults(pdf)
25/12/18West Wood 4 ColourResults(pdf)
07/10/18Hens Wood 4 ColourResults(pdf)
25/09/18Faringdon Informal UrbanResults(pdf)
16/09/18Cirencester Urban EventResults
10/06/18Shaw Forest Park RelayResults(pdf)
01/05/18Marlborough Informal UrbanResults(pdf)
22/04/18Savernake 4 ColourResults(pdf)
25/03/18Lyneham 4 Colour and UrbanResults(pdf)
17/02/18Copse Wood
WNL Night Score
17/02/18Copse Wood 4 ColourResults(pdf)
21/01/18West Wood GallopenResults
26/11/17Fyfield Down 4 ColourResults
Splits, Click here to join NWO
28/10/17Cherhill 4 ColourResults and Splits
17/09/17Haydon Wick UrbanResults
04/06/17Lawn RelayResults

30/04/17Savernake Level C and Yvette Baker Qualifier (Results when available) Main Results, Yvette Baker Trophy Qualifier Results

02/04/17Cherhill 4 ColourResults
18/02/17Copse Wood 4 ColourResults
28/01/17Western Night League Shaw Forest, SwindonResults plus a couple of photos Photo 1 Photo 2

08/01/17West Woods 4 colour Results
07/01/17West Woods Western Night League Results
11/12/16Fyfield DownResults
11/11/16Shaw SwindonResults
22/10/16Hens WoodResults pdf

Due to a laptop charging problem we had to use a backup system to print out some of the EMIT cards. All the hired cards were subsequently read into the computer and I have now merged these with the remaining results from the backup printer to give the complete results above .
25/09/16Royal Wootton Bassett UrbanResultsY
19/06/16Shaw Ridge RelayResult spreadsheet
16/04/2016SavernakeWeb Results (with splits) or PDF Results
20/02/16Copse WoodResults
Planners Note
Thank you to everyone who braved the rain today to come orienteering at Copse Wood. It was great to see a number of newcomers as well as regular orienteers and we hope you enjoyed the event. Should anyone be interested in future events or even joining the club (just £5 for a whole year) please see our website or that of British Orienteering.
This was my first event as planner, and it was heartening to hear so much positive feedback and of your experiences on the courses. It makes it all worth it so thank you to all.
Thanks also to all the volunteers, especially those who marked up the changes to the orange course following late placement of an electric fence. Thankfully only one control lost. Brownie points to those who spotted that control 164 was off-centre in the control circle, also as a result of the fence.

A final thanks to the Hillbarn Estate for hosting us and allowing access to Copse Wood. Without accommodating landowners, we wouldn't be able to orienteer in many of the beautiful places we have in our country. We are extremely grateful to Richard and the other residents for their cooperation and understanding. Rob
24/01/16West Woods GallopenWeb Results (with splits) or PDF ResultsY
06/12/15Cherhill Day EventResults
05/12/15Cherhill WNL Night EventResults
22/11/15Chippenham Try OTimes
08/11/15Fyfield DownWeb Results (with splits) or PDF Results
11/07/15Marlborough Urban Updated 13/7 Web Results with splits or PDF Results
14/06/15Lydiard RelayResults (pdf)
26/04/15Rodborough CommonWeb Results with splits or PDF Results
Animal Challenge
01/03/15Hens WoodWeb Results with splits or PDF Results
Organiser / Planners Comments
07/02/15Copse WoodPDF Results, Club Champs
04/01/15AshdownWeb Results (with splits) or PDF Results, Club Champs
30/11/14Cherhill DownPDF Results
26/10/14West WoodsPDF Results
21/09/14Fyfield DownPDF Results
12/07/14Swindon and Lydiard UrbanPDF Results,SplitsY
29/06/14West Woods RelayXLS Results
20/05/14Lydiard Academy Super SprintPDF Results
26/04/14Pewsey DownPDF Results,Splits
01/03/14Copse Wood YOGB Results
01/02/14Shrivenham Western Night LeagueResults